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ON SALE WEDS 23rd AUG at 9.30am

Cosmic Psychos

In 40 years we’ve played with a lot of bloody unreal bands, so to celebrate this milestone (is it a milestone or are we just old?), we’ve hand picked our personal favorites. 

Bands that have meant the world to us. And we’re absolutely stoked that they’ve all said yes. There’s a few surprises we’ll announce a little closer to the date, but don’t worry – you won’t be disappointed. 

Each night we’ll be playing a mostly different set. All our songs sound the same anyway, but we’ll be pulling out a bunch of stuff from over the years, just in case any of you drongos wanted to do all 3 nights. 

The best bit is that we’ll be playing before each nights headliner, so we get a chance to enjoy the night and watch them too.

We can’t bloody wait.


Cosmic Psychos 40th The Chats
The Chats

Hands down the world’s greatest post-millennial punk-rock group, The Chats have skipped past the unimaginable banana skin of COVID-19 to emerge tougher, faster, funnier, more riotous – even better for 2023!

The trio, originally formed in Australia’s self-explanatory resort Sunshine Coast, are a once-in-a-generation band who reconnect popular music with its roots in ultra-raw rock ‘n’ roll, inject their own fresh perspective, and have duly made an instantaneous connection with their youthful peers right across the globe.

Most people know them for their 2017 breakthrough banger, ‘Smoko’, but that has proved to be just the party-starter, merely the entrée to a high-volume, full-throttle world where intoxication, excitement and laughter rule supreme – the kind of kinetic thrills which have all but drained out of contemporary pop/rock.




A rough and raw shot of garage punk from down under, BLOWERS have been ripping it up on tour across Europe & Oz in support of their new album, ‘Blown Again’. 

Capitalising on their triple vocal attacks, blistering guitars and fast-paced tunes, ‘Blown Again’ is a tongue-in-cheek earworm of a ride laced with sick humour and shit-stirs.

The follow-up to their debut self-titled album, ‘Blown Again’ is out now on Chaputa Records (Portugal) & Spooky Records (Australia).

Blowers’ live shows are a blast of raw punk power.

For fans of: The Spits, Jay Reatard, Wipers, Mean Jeans, Oblivians, The Cavemen, Wet Ones.

Blowers: “So damn fast, so damn raw, so damn rude, so damn good.”


Affordable Repayments

Affordable Repayments

Described by a punter at a recent show as a “punk rock Hawkwind ” Affordable Repayments consists of guitar, drums, bass, sax and synth and encapsulates an early 80s, 90s crossover of punk/post punk, indie rock with a hint of prog and stripped back psychedelia.

The band employs simple formulas, wiry abrasiveness and leans to a sound vaguely reminiscent of Wipers meets early Sonic youth.

The bands musical influences include Hüsker Dü, B-52s, Wire, Pylon, W.A.T, Sad Lovers and Giants, Fru Aut, Magazine, Roxy Music and Arcwelder.

Wusty’s distinct guitar style focuses on building soundscapes and textures with rhythmic repetition. Harmonically complex riff structures and irregular chords create some interesting sonic elements- a prominent feature of Wusty’s ability to get the most out of a single guitar sound.

Providing rhythm, harmony and pulse, Liam’s drumming is purposely restrained, holding back to compliment the guitar tones, an offering of uncomplicated, precision drumming and fast fills from the human metronome.

Similarly, driving, downstroke bass by Prue is warm, simple, stripped back and honest.

Jenny enhances all things with turbulent saxophone and moody synth.

Completing this recipe are brief, raspy, trenchant vocals with a lyrical content that is both indifferent and earnest, nonsensical and vulnerable, meaningful and meaningless.


Dead Clampets

This rampant quartet play good old songs for a good old time, from Hank to swampy airs. They got what it takes, nothing is sacred. Dead Clampets are alive and plucking.

Featuring Deano from the Psychos on double bass.


Saturday DEC 2

Cosmic Psychos 40th Amyl and the Sniffers
Amyl and the Sniffers

Amyl and the Sniffers are Amy Taylor (vocals), Dec Martens (guitar), Gus Romer (bass) and Bryce Wilson (drums). Formed in a Melbourne share house in 2016, the Sniffers wrote, recorded and uploaded their first EP, Giddy Up, in the space of 12 hours.

They followed with the Big Attraction EP in 2017, which featured the whip smart and iconic track I’m Not A Loser, the punching oi punk of Westgate and the pugnacious violence of Mole (Sniff Sniff).

These early EPs had a grab bag of influences, from Australian rock to rap to 70s punk, but the sound was all the Sniffers’ own — short, fast, loud and funny.


The Prize

The Prize

The Prize are Melbourne’s hottest new addition, a breath of fresh air and a shot in the arm for a city still bouncing back from a bitter start to the decade.

Forming in early 2021 and figuring out a way to jam and write songs in between rules and restrictions, The Prize stumbled across a blend of power pop and rock and roll that’s equal parts brains and bravado.

The new five-piece bring three guitars and five voices that harmonise together to write some of the best power pop this city has heard in years.

With lead vocals primarily shared between drummer Nadine Muller and guitarist Carey Paterson, the five-piece is rounded out with Joseph Imfeld on guitar, Austin Haire on guitar and Jack Kong on bass.

After the dust settled from the city’s miserable hiatus, The Prize played their first show to a sold out Croxton Bandroom opening for Civic in November 2021.

Their sound blends the hooks of The Nerves, twin rock ’n’ roll leads of Thin Lizzy, pop sensibilities of the Divinyls, vocal styles of The Riptides and the minor progressions of later era Flamin’ Groovies.


Pat Todd

Pat Todd sml

“Pat Todd is a true American Original. Raw, real and passionate – that’s what I think of when I hear the name, Pat Todd.”Eddie Spaghetti, The Supersuckers

“Pat Todd is the most sincere Rock ‘n’ Roll singer/songwriter on the planet. He makes the rest of us look like a bunch of fakers.”Blaine Cartwright, Nashville Pussy/Nine Pound Hammer

For over 20 years, Pat Todd fronted the undisputed roots-punk kings of LA: THE LAZY COWGIRLS.

Having landed in LA from Midwest outpost Vincennes, Indiana in the early-mid ’80s, the Cowgirls’ live album Radio Cowgirl was the first release on scene prime mover SFTRI and ultimately inspired a resurgence of classic 1976 RAMONES/SAINTS/HEARTBREAKERS-style punk that stretched across the US into Europe, Japan and elsewhere, inspiring bands like THE MUFFS, NEW BOMB TURKS, OBLIVIONS, TEENGENERATE, ONYAS and others.


Southeast Desert Metal

South East Desert Metal

Southeast Desert Metal are a band on a mission. Since their formation over a decade ago in the remote community of Santa Teresa, they’ve taken their music across the nation.

Now they’re back with their third album, fire in their bellies and plans to take Arrernte culture around the world.


Thee Cha Cha Chas

Thee Cha Cha Chas

THEE CHA CHA CHAS are a 2 piece rock ’n’ roll  band from Melbourne, Australia.

With guitar, bass, drums and both male and female vocals THEE CHA CHA CHAS have a full sound with only 2 people!

As far as anyone notices them at all, apparently they work when it pleases them, treat money lightly, have no desire for signs of worldly affluence and as long as they are travelling in their camper van on their way to their next show they are happy.


Boondall Boys

Boondal Boys

Dark, paint stripping sludge rock.  Boondall Boys began as a 3 piece from Brisbane, Australia, featuring Mad Macka from the Onyas / Egos / Cosmic Psychos.

Boondall Boys are Mad Macka, Turbo Nicko, Dr. Rock, Killer Carroll & Solomon the Slide.


Sunday DEC 3

Cosmic Psychos 40th Dune Rats
Dune Rats

When Dunies got the call up to celebrate Cosmic Psychos 40th they couldn’t jump on fast enough.

“Blood is thicker than water but beer is thicker than blood, and we’ve drunk a shit tonne of it with the COSMIC PSYCHOS. Can’t wait to play with our uncles in this historic epic show extravaganza weekend!” – Dunies.

Dunies have covered some ground in 2023! – 47 shows in the USA, Canada, Europe and the UK + a string of Aussie festival dates including a massive Splendour In The Grass set featuring Aussie rock legends, The Angels.

New music is in the works and a trip to South Africa is imminent, before they roll back into the Aussie Summer for more shows and festivals around the country.

Dunies have shared the stage many times with Cosmic Psychos over the years, but this will be something very special!


The Unknowns

The Unknowns

Since forming in late 2014, The Unknowns (Joshua Hardy – vocals/guitar, Nathan Montgomery – bass, Tom Butler – drums, Eamon Sandwith – guitar) have brought their oldfashioned authentic rock n’ roll to numerous venues around Australia, including but not limited to: The Triffid, 170 Russell, Sol Bar, The Gov, The Zoo, The Tote, Factory Theatre and the Barwon Club.

The band has also supported North American power pop trio Mean Jeans on their recent Australian tour, and Melbourne punk pioneers the Meanies.

They have toured and performed alongside Ed Kuepper (The Saints), Frenzal Rhomb, The Chats, Clowns, Pist Idiots and countless more.

Driven by their passion for timeless music expressing honest emotions, the band delivers an unassuming simplicity through sharing their garage rock and power pop song writing sensibilities.

With dynamic live sets and their enigmatic stage presence, The Unknowns perform with a sense of freedom and passion that is indicative of not only their youth.




K5 are a three-piece band from Castlemaine. They play lo-fi, raw, honest rock like they don’t give a fuck, because they don’t.

Zeb from Matrimony plays guitar and sings, Nicole Tadpole does bass and vocals, and Julia from the library hits the drums. K5 have played with bands such as Bikini Kill, Cable Ties, DEAD, Moody Beaches, Dr Colossus, Tumbleweed, Ripple Effect Band, Bench Press, and Babymachine. Their debut album ‘Pomona’ (2020) has just been re-released on wax, while the follow up LP ‘Proximity’ (2021) will be out late 2023.

“Soundwise there are elements of bands like Flipper and early Melvins passed through a distinctly Australian underground filter.” – Jem, DEAD

“Sharp-witted lyrical masters…huge riffs in that wild Sonic Youth/L7/Riot Grrl style, but original, quirky and rowdy as hell.” – Devils Horns Zine



Adelaide is known for its many churches as well as for being the serial killer capital of Australia. It’s also the place where local deviates the Meatbeaters have been preaching their gospel of filth and sonic destruction since 2001. It’s loud, dirty, ugly din that has no time for subtlety.

Fans of Australian scuzz rock n roll find much to love here. The meatbeaters heavy, relentless assault recalls their Melbourne mates the Powder Monkeys or the Cosmic Psychos laced with Motorhead.

They are unreal – John Mckeering
Absolute flogs – Paul McCartney.



Theatre Royal

Theatre Royal Castlemaine

A very special venue to the Psychos, particularly just being ‘down the road’ from Knightys… this was the home to the ‘Blokes You can Trust’ documentary in 2013.


Established in 1854, Theatre Royal began its life providing live entertainment for the thousands of diggers who migrated to central Victoria in search of gold.

One of the first “picture palaces” to screen silent movies in 1919 and then the ‘talkies’ followed, Theatre Royal is firmly cemented in the evolution of Australian cinema.

Proudly one of the oldest continuously operating theatres in the Southern Hemisphere, this historical business also holds an important place in the hearts of the Castlemaine community, coming to represent the beating heart of our vibrant, artistic town.

A cinema, a live music venue, a bar, a bottle shop and a cultural institution all housed within a heritage listed building, Theatre Royal is a truly unique place.

Love Shack

Love Shack Brewing Castlemaine

Just two doors down from Theatre Royal, LOVE SHACK will be open each day from 11am, and then be host to each nights kick ons, with special guest DJ sets on the Friday night from Magic Dirt, Saturday night from Thee Cha Cha Chas, and Sunday evening with Bad Dreems!

You’ll be able to drink and eat at Love Shack all day – with your ticket being a wrist band, giving you freedom to come and go.

Castlemaine Boutique Accom

Castlemaine Boutique Accom

As the premier accommodation provider in Castlemaine, Castlemaine Boutique Accommodation brings you some of the most beautiful properties in Central Victoria.

Each of our bespoke houses have been carefully selected and restored to bring a unique and luxurious experience to our guests.

Our exclusive list of properties, which feature everything from restored Victorian manors to historical landmarks and modern apartments can accommodate between 1 to 90 guests for any occasion.

All of our properties have access to our private and serene gardens.

We also provide 24 hour check-in, free Wi-Fi, complimentary onsite parking and a wide range of modern amenities and facilities.

BiG4 Castlemaine

Big4 Castlemaine

BIG4 Castlemaine Gardens Holiday Park is a peaceful and private oasis in the heart of the vibrant Victorian Goldfields town of Castlemaine.

Accommodation options include luxury glamping, sophisticated villas and an accessible villa option, and comfortable cabins for couples, families and groups.

There are also powered, pet-friendly caravan sites for road trip adventurers.

Castle Motel

Castle Motel

Motel accommodation 400 meters from Theatre Royal

Castlemaine Colonial Motel

Castlemaine Colonial Motel

Motel accommodation 600 meters from Theatre Royal.


Can I bring someone under the age of 18?

Theatre Royal’s liquor license allows guests under 18 years of age if they are accompanied by an adult. All people attending must have a valid ticket.

Please discuss directly with venue if you need any more clarification.

What is Theatre Royal's Accessibility?

Theatre Royal strives to be an accessible and safe space for all patrons.

The entrance is flat and there are no steps from the entrance to the front of the stage.

We have one accessible toilet that is gender neutral located in our foyer.

There are accessible car parks directly across the road in the IGA supermarket car park.

The front bar has a small step up, the band room bar and garden bar are both accessible.

There is a steep incline to the rear of the garden, please ask staff for assistance should you require it.

The front offers table service at tables that are fully accessible.

The front door is glass and if you are a wheelchair user and need assistance of any kind, staff will come and assist you.

Castlemaine train station is three blocks away and Castlemaine Taxis have a taxi with a wheelchair lift (ph: 131 008)

Please contact the venue if you require staff assistance – we’re more than happy to help.

Theatre Royal has a zero-tolerance to discrimination of any kind. If you feel unsafe at the venue please alert staff or call/text on 0417 931 097 (venue management)

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